Castle Center

Castle Center Solutions, is a company dedicated to provide the best over the phone interpretation in multiple languages, by constantly dedicating ourselves to fill the needs of our clients while mantaining
a balanced,solid, fair and secure workspace.

More than a company, we are a family

We believe that we can be part of the change. We focus on creating a suitable work environment so that our work staff is free from pressure, promoting a community forged in respect, responsibility and trust.

Remote Work

We offer our team the opportunity to work from the comfort of their home.

Trained staff

We train and evaluate our team in advance.

Work spaces

We have facilities available for use by our team in the event of any inconvenience in your workplace.


We are interested in growing our team, so we facilitate various possibilities to obtain bonuses.


Provide an open communication channel between our work team, promoting quality work.

be part of
our team

We invite you to be part of our family, this is your moment.

We provide all the facilities for an even better work environment

We focus on establishing a work environment that caters to the facilities for our team. For us it is important that they have everything they need to be able to perform properly.

contract work
Choose your work modality

You can choose the options that best suit what you are looking for.

Maximum Quality of Services

Nuestros clientes reciben un servicio de primera de la mano de un personal altamenta calificado.

We offer the Highest Quality in Interpreting Services

We are a company that seeks to provide the best quality services to both our customers and employees. We want to provide the highest level of service while individualizing each client and maintaining integrity, fairness, and honesty with them.

Best Quality
Best staff